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docContents.com is edited by TECH’advantage in order to expose our technical know-how in software documentation around technological software. We believe this will help those who need a fast track to implement a documentation strategy.

With over twenty years of experience and expertise in scientific software, especially oriented towards the geosciences, we have constantly been confronted with software documentation requirements.

More often than not software in the geoscience domain we encountered availed of more than inadequate documentation. In 2011, we decided to tackle this issue once again and by doing so, develop our own in-house documentation system based on DITA.

Coupled with the recognized competence of our experienced technical writers, it’s implementation proved more than satisfactory.

In 2015, we decided to develop a commercial version of this product: edc (easyDocContents).

docContents.com accompanies the release of the product, and is the crystalization of technical writing know-how and practical experience, especially in mastering the various concepts and strategies around DITA. Rather than theorize or defend a norm, we decided to transform this know-how into a tangible applicable expression geared towards and helping software editors master their documentation plan.

Andy McDonald

Product manager

Trained as a social psychologist, Andy McDonald has been designing and writing documentation for the oil industry since 1998, and is now Documentation Products manager for Tech Advantage in the Paris area. Having seen methods, norms and formats come and go, his basic training leads him naturally to concentrate on the people involved in the processes and the end user requirements. With the advent of social and collaborative media, it’s now time to focus on role in the chain of delivery.

“The era of big doc is over – agile is the way to go.”

docContents.com Editor

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