What is contextual information for modern software?

There are a lot of variations in methods and terminology based on which technology does what, and it has evolved a lot. We talk about online help, context-sensitive help, contextualised help, targeted help, onboarding help, and many others. Some of the definitions are...

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From dev to content – there and back again

Part of the evolution to Documentation 4.0 so that information around software caters for the proper needs is designing a journey from the outset. Part of that journey is the road from development to content and cycling back to ensure that both improve each other. An...

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The era of big doc is over

At TECH’advantage we are software editors in the oil and gas industry. When we talk about doc in this article we mean user-oriented documentation. This article is based on our experience over several decades are orientations driven in conjunction with our clients as...

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How to write concise content

Technical writing must be clear, consistent and concise. The approach we prefer is minimalistic. It’s not new, but it is more and more important in today’s world of over saturation in information. Literary minimalism Literary minimalism is characterized by an...

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Comment rédiger de manière concise ?

La rédaction technique doit être claire, cohérente et concise. L’approche rédactionnelle  “Minimaliste” permet, grâce à un ensemble de règles et de bonnes pratiques, de réduire de façon conséquente les volumes de documentation en les recentrant sur les tâches que...

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Ce qu’il faut éviter en rédaction technique

Voici quelques exemples de choses à éviter lorsque l'on rédige une documentation technique.   N’écrivez pas d’informations superflues L’idéal, même si cela reste difficile à mettre en œuvre, est de construire une documentation bannissant toute forme d’information...

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Bonnes pratiques en rédaction technique

Voici une liste de bonnes pratiques à adopter pour améliorer la qualité d'une documentation technique.   Adoptez un style rédactionnel cohérent Ecrivez de la même manière dans l’ensemble de votre documentation. Si vous choisissez un verbe pour une action...

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Écrire la documentation de façon incrémentale

Écrire de la documentation de manière incrémentale et en allant d’une information contextualisée pertinente à une information plus spécialisée résume l’approche documentaire que nous préconisons: Commencer avec de la documentation basique in-situ et l’intégrer dans...

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Réduire les coûts de formation

Aujourd’hui, la plupart des applications doivent être facilement abordables pour une communauté habituée à l’informatique. C’est de plus en plus vrai pour les nouveaux logiciels cependant beaucoup de produits restent anciens. La formation doit uniquement expliquer...

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Standardizing Writing Style within a Documentation team

One of the hardest goals to achieve within a documentation team is to standardize writing styles. In most cases, information models, style guides and editorial styles are used to structure and guide the editorial writing process. But these editorial best practices are...

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When can user documentation be started?

As early as possible would be the ideal answer. It’s been said for decades and ignored for as long. If you have and editorial plan that is compatible with a product plan, then both the product and its documentation can be written in the same rhythm and probably even...

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Onboarding users

Back in 2013, Skype reported having 300 million users, which would have made them more populous than the 4th largest country in the...

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Cutting training costs

Most software should nowadays be easy to apprehend for an IT-literate community. We can hope that this becomes true for new software, but a lot of software is vintage. Training should be reduced to how the software handles specific procedural approaches if it varies...

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Andy McDonald

Product manager

Trained as a social psychologist, Andy McDonald has been designing and writing documentation for the oil industry since 1998. He is the Documentation Products manager for Tech Advantage in the Paris area. -Learn More

“The era of big doc is over – agile is the way to go.”

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