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It’s all about customer satisfaction. is all about how we can add new value to software user documentation. It’s an exploration of recommendations, a look at norms out there, and a synopsis of decades of hands-on experience.

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The Future of Information is aimed at synthesising experience and knowledge, getting some consensus on the aim of future user-oriented information, and how the roles of writers and other actors should evolve.

future of information

Agile & Collaborative

In agile software development, better coordination between product owners, developers and technical writers is a driving force for repositioning documentation as a win-win proposition aimed at user satisfaction.

User Centered

The end game is user satisfaction-providing good, pertinent information at the right time and level along with successful support and user onboarding.

user satisfaction


As we see it, contextual documentation, on-boarding and support are all facets of the future matrix of engineered information around software products.

What Users Say About Documentation

Here’s what we learned from documentation users in a 2011 study we conducted for one of our major clients:

  • short, pertinent and validated information required when in front of the software
  • users want to access varying types of information easily and rapidly
  • they do not want to read long documents
  • they need to situate options in a workflow
  • reference and other information needs to be coherent
  • examples need to more meaningful and self-explanatory

This study also revealed a high level of frustration with current information and its access for the product in question. This is probably due to lack of time invested in updates.

Our takeaway: Providing pertinent, in situ (contextual) documentation, even though it may appear limited, is crucial to regaining user approval.

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